Weaverants was born from the belly of passion and desire to create. The name of the brand stands for team-spirit, hard-work, compassion, artistry and detailing. Some of the country's best craftsmanship are witnessed in Odisha. To take this heritage of skill and artistry to a global market is the reason for the brands' existence.  
We not only want to take the soul of its birthplace out there to everyone but want people to connect with it. To indulge in simplicity and creativity. The very being. 'love'. We all have the same light burning in us and at Weaverants we use fashion as a form to express.  


 Weaverants holds its product as the most supreme element and each product is worked upon with immense detailing and perfection. We understand the responsibility and value for commitment and hence delivery as we promise. The brand offers employment to the fading heritage of Karigars, with fair wages and due respect for their skills. Most of the garments are died using natural techniques, making sure minimum damaged is caused to the environment.   


 Desire, passion, hard work and chasing our best version are our core values. We respect our customers like we respect our food, fabric and karigars. The brand promised to deliver and standby commitment. It pledges to deliver maximum potential in each of its elements. We value simplicity and romance art. 
Loyalty to ourselves and every aspect connected is our virtue.